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No ker me je mučil firbec sem malo povprašal jana o novem tdsu pa je poslal tol:

there is a new TDR II in development which will get the mechanic of the new TDS only with pot and boom instead of the full carbon fuselage.
It will have a two blade rotor instead of 3 blades (3 blades optional).
But generally it is a complete new construction designed for the latest motors with much more power than years ago as the TDR was designed.
It will also have a complete new linear servo drive (LSD) which I have developed for an accurate swash plate movement in all positions.
Delivery of the kits don´t starts before end of this year.

TDR-II kit will be round about 1400,- Euro (1180,- without VAT)
There are a lot of reservations meanwhile so that delivery will be not before beginning of next year.

For the TDS there are already also so many reservations that people who make there reservation now will not get the kit in about one year.
Price is not finally calculated yet but it will be round about 2700,- Euro (2300,- without VAT)

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Re: Henseleit TDR

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Odlocil da je cas za novega ponosnega lastnika :o :cry: [-o< :whistle: O:)
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