F3J Balkaniada 2010

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F3J Balkaniada 2010

Odgovor Napisal/-a Hucaljuk » 03 Dec 2009, 10:02

Dear Friends,

This year in Bulgaria, idea was born for organising one F3J competition on which national teams of countries that are on Balkan peninsula or connected with it, will compete in years when bigger competitions are, like World Championship. Also every other competitior that is not in national team is welcomed to participate in competition.

The proposal is that competition in F3J class called Balkaniada will be organised in Osijek, Croatia. Also, intention is (among lying) is for socialising and developing friendship in aeromodelling world. So proposal date is 25. 26. and 27. June 2010, and the date is in end of June beacuse school is over, and juniors can also participate. We would like it to be for three days (starting friday afternoon), easy going competition with some other activities.

Entry fee will be lower then Contest or World Cup, cca 20 EUR, just to cover the cost of trophies and food and beverages. Also we can accomodate cca 40 persons for sleeping in bed at the Ariport Osijek only for cost of sheets and covers cleaning. The camping is, as usually, for free.

Please spread this e-mail to ones that you think are interested in taking part in such competition from Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro, Albania, Bosna and Herzegovina, and Romania (end if someone thinks any other country should be counted in).

When we get answers from ones that are interested we will make bulletin. Also plase forward this e-mail as soon as possible, so that we can incorporate date in our competition calendars..

Best regards,

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