WASG 3-9.8.2020 Ballenstedt Germany

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WASG 3-9.8.2020 Ballenstedt Germany

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WASG 2020 bo od 3.8. d0 9.8. 2020 ob letališču Ballenstedt v Nemčiji.

https://www.google.com/maps/dir/51.7425 ... 35016!3e0

WASG spletna stran: http://www.wasg2020.de/



Predvidena časovnica:
Arriving from Sunday 02.08.2020 (no flying possible)
Monday 03.08.2020 ( when the airfield is ready and we have a flight director training can be possible in the afternoon)
Tuesday 04.08.2020 (accodation and training, teamleaderbriefing)
Wednesday 05.08.2020 Begin of contest flights for WWI and WWII
Thursday 06.08.2020 contest flights for WWI and WWII
Friday 07.08.2020 contest flights for WWI and WWII (pilots party with diner)
Saturday 08.08.2020 Semi Finals and Finals (and some space for bad weather to complete the last round)
Sunday 09.08.2020 departure day and cleaning airfield ( all pilots can stay until Sunday)

WWII: 5 prerounds, semi of best 21, final and Top-Fighter final

WWI: 4 prerounds, Semi of best 18, final

The contest fee is not fix, it can be less than in Czech, Camping on the airfield is possible, we have electric power for all, Showers and toilets ca. 50 m from camping area,
The camping fee is 6 Euro per person per day.
Hotels can be booked in the town Ballenstedt ( 3 km south)
With small airplanes you can fly direct to Verkehrlandeplatz Ballenstedt-Harz, otherwise Berlin Airport or you arrive with car.

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Re: WASG 2020 Ballenstedt Germany

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JJUUHUUUU!!!! =D> =D> =D>
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